Waterproofing treatment and protective agents

Impregnation for tiles with blasted surface

Impregnit – impregnation coating for terrazzo tiles with blasted surface.
Supplier: TopTeramo s.r.o.
REBAtex BI – impregnation REBAtex BI is watery, insoluble, colourless impregnation; it is solvent-free. It is used for the impregnation of concrete slabs, terrazzo, exposed aggregate concrete, paving, etc. It prevents the penetration of liquids into the tile surface. Its use achieves the protection of the bedding against common and aggressive contaminants (e.g. oil stains, contamination with food). Impregnated surfaces are weather-resistant; they repel dirt, oil and water. Surface structure remains the same; there is no colouring change and glittering effect. The impregnation is breathable; it is characterized by a high depth of penetration into the product and good resistance to alkalis.
Supplier: REMEI CZ s.r.o.

Impregnation and protection for tiles with polish-ground surface

Flor Acryl Super – universal preservative and protective agent. It creates a durable and long-lasting protective film on smooth surfaces; the film protects against mechanical and chemical damage to the surface. It reduces the risk of slipping, it is colourless, self-polishing and it repels dirt.
Supplier: Minec a.s.
IMESTA® IBS 29 – oil-phobic silicone emulsion based on silanes, siloxanes and silicone resins. It protects against grease and dirt, it is water soluble, white to yellowish colour. Unlike commonly used silicones, it acts not only in a hydrophobic way but it also has a significant oil-phobic effect that facilitates the cleaning of impregnated surfaces from oil, paints, adhesives and graffiti.
Supplier: IMESTA, spol. s r.o.
AKEMI Nr. 10- 2012 – an agent for terrazzo tiles that reduces the risk of slipping and it creates a protective film on smooth surfaces that enhances shine, it highlights colour, it is self-polishing and it repels dirt.
Supplier: Lenka Havlíková, chemie pro kámen AKEMI
LAPIDOLITH – floatation agent suitable for large terrazzo surfaces (shopping centres, halls, etc.).It is a colourless solution of chemically active metallic fluoro-silicates. It should be used for surface hardening of new and old terrazzo and concrete floors. It penetrates the structure of the cement matrix and causes hardening to the depth. It increases the resistance to most acids and alkalis, organic and inorganic chemicals, oils and lubricants, it penetrates cement substrates, it increases wear resistance of floors.
CAUTION: It is recommended that the application of this agent should be carried out by a specialist company that has the necessary expertise and experience.
Supplier: DANĚK Kámen-Keramika s.r.o.