Product liability


  • prior laying the products, check the requested type, quantity and quality of your goods. subsequent claims may not be recognized.
  • if the products show any claimable visible defects, a complaint must be filed prior processing the products, i.e. prior tile-laying. Complaints concerning such defects after tile-laying will not be recognized.
  • shifting of stacked tiles on one another causes damage to the tile surface and impregnation. Therefore, we are forced to reject any claims and damages caused by this type of handling.
  • complaints will also be rejected in cases where tile surface has been subsequently damaged by the action of improper chemical products, petroleum products, and the like.
  • products in long-term storage must be protected from rain and dirt.
  • always store tiles standing on their edges height.
  • opened palettes should be covered again and protected from rain and moisture. Open the foil just prior starting tile

Filing a complaint:

  • always file a complaint in writing (filing a complaint by telephone or orally is not sufficient)
  • when filing a complaint, a dispatch label must be submitted; the label is located on each dispatched pallet. It is also necessary to communicate the delivery date of the claimed tiles
  • contact the person who sold the tiles to you
  • take photographs of the reclaimed tiles
  • we will try to deal with your complaint without any delay.

All the goods will not be laid in accordance with the instructions and recommendations in this technical data sheet may suffer damage that is not covered by our warranty. Caution! Defects caused by improper tile-laying will not be recognized.

Be sure to follow the information and instructions in this technical data sheet that is available on request from your local retailer or online at: