Surface finishing

Surface treatment Final treatment Tiles
polish grinding smooth Mramora®, Mramorit® polish-ground, Granex® polish-ground
polish grinding, bevelling, subsequent blasting and impregnation* blasted Mramorit® blasted, Granex® blasted, Granex® XL blasted
fine blasting and impregnation* relief Mramorit® relief, Mramorit® XL relief a Granex® relief, Granex® XL reliéf
* IMPREGNATION The walk-on area of tiles with blasted and fine-blasted surface is always impregnated industrially. The impregnation penetrates the pores and capillaries where it creates a good protection against the ingress of liquids. Through this process the surface becomes hydrophobic (water-repellent), while the diffusion of water vapour is not limited. Natural internal moisture has a chance to escape. The prevention of moisture entering the tiling also reduces later possibility of laitance during the drying process. The tiles treated this way are characterized by ease of maintenance and cleaning, which is appreciated especially by the user.