About us

TopTeramo s.r.o.
Výrobce kvalitní dlažby a stavebních hmot

TopTeramo s.r.o.

We are a purely Czech company specializing in the production of flat concrete paving and dry building materials. We are based in the village of Vápenná in the Jeseník district and our production program directly follows the local tradition of paving production lasting more than 50 years. The company has been operating under the name TopTeramo since 2007.

Our products are known for their high quality and unique appearance, which differs significantly from the usual production on the market.

Česká kvalita

Our long-term efforts to achieve the highest possible quality of our products were awarded in 2015 in the Czech Quality – Certified for Construction program. Our products, produced under the names Mramora®, Mramorit® and Granex®, have thus acquired the right to use said brand.

We are proud that the above-mentioned advantages have helped us achieve a significant award for our Granex, Mramorit and Mramora flat concrete paving, which have the right to use the Czech Quality – Certified for Construction brand.

A significant share of our production goes abroad, so the quality of production together with Czech customers has been successfully checked for many years by customers from Austria, Germany, Slovakia, Poland, Lithuania, Belgium, Netherlands and the Luxembourg.

Almost 40% of our production = EXPORT

Our range of products

We basically build the production program on the high quality of raw materials. Its current form consists of a very diverse range of products. Outdoor paving of various formats with a modern and traditional timeless look, industrially treated surface for easier maintenance, high anti-slip and overall high degree of resistance to external influences. Smooth tiles with a durable surface for interiors, which are used mainly in the interiors of industrial, shopping, entertainment and sports centers. Tiling of stairs and walls, pool edges, solutions for balconies, roof terraces and much more.

Building materials

We are very pleased that we are succeeding in developing the production of dry building materials, to which we have returned in recent years, and under the TERAFIX®, TERAPOINT® and TERABET® brands. We offer you a very interesting portfolio of high quality products built again on high quality raw materials. Our cement adhesives, putties and concrete mixtures will allow you simply, reliably and very comfortably apply our products and at the same time gives you the possibility of universal use for any other standard types of applications.


An important part of our work is the effort to constantly develop and modernize production, and this effort is not only to create new high quality products, but also to combine demanding production with the needs of environmental protection, because it is We who create living conditions for the future of our children.