Differences in colour

Our products are made of fine natural aggregate, bound with cement binder. Despite careful compliance with the recipes and checks of the ingredients, there may be some variations in colouring. The aggregate used is a natural material and, as such, it is variable in time. There is no natural stone that is found in large quantities of the same colouring. Absolutely uniform appearance in both colouring and structure cannot be achieved despite our utmost efforts.

For this reason, there may be slight colour variations between production lots. Slight differences in surface colouring must be considered as natural. They are of no significance for the use and they are not grounds for any complaints.

Variations in colouring are unavoidable in natural materials, so we are forced to reject any complaints concerning variations in colouring. Differences in colouring will disappear due to weather

RECOMMENDATION: to equalize colouring, it is recommended lay tiles from one supply and to lay tiles mixed from various pallets. This avoids any possible contrast of transitional small differences in colouring on a tiled surface.

CAUTION: Our displayed samples and booklets only serve for closer designation and do not constitute an assurance of certain properties.