Application of tiles

According to the type of application, tiles are divided into indoor ones and outdoor ones.

Polish-ground tiles, whose surface is smooth, are designed mostly for indoor applications. Anti-slip treatment is recommended for outdoor applications.

They are used as a final floor finish in large shops, supermarkets, administrative centres, lobbies, production facilities, storage and handling spaces, pavements and drive surfaces (driveways and parking areas), but also in houses, cellars, garages, etc.

Tiles with blasted and fine- blasted surface are designed for outdoor and indoor applications.

They can be used around family houses, in housing estates or in city centres – in gardens, on terraces, balconies, around swimming pools and on various other outdoor areas. During the reconstruction of rooftop terraces and balconies, where lower loads are required, thin and lightweight Granex® tiles, which can be laid on existing paving.