Materials for surface leveling and insulation TERAPOINT®

GP type mortar, class CS IV. Adhesive and trowel sealant.


For levelling, smoothing and renovating plasters on a building’s exterior or interior, with inserted glass mesh to create a base layer of plaster, insulation systems and the surface of polystyrene blocks, for gluing thermal insulation boards made of facade polystyrene or mineral fibres.

Adhesive sealants TERAPOINT®

Terapoint® UNIVERSAL

Fine-grained modified mortar for preparation of adhesive and leveling cement

  • High adhesion to base and glued materials
  • Prolonged processing time
  • Quick adhesion and strength growth
  • Excellent workability


  • Plaster leveling and smoothing in exterior and interior of buildings
  • Forming base layers of plaster and insulation systems
  • Bonding insulating materials (facade polystyrene or mineral fiber boards)
  • Renovation of plasters (together with inserted glass mesh)

Facade specialist