Crushed materials

Colored and white crushed materials of larger faction sizes are mainly used in landscape architecture. Fine Carolith crushed materials have a wide range of applications in many industries.

Carolith white crushed materials of larger fraction sizes (4 mm) are delivered in paper bags weighing 50 kg. They are always delivered on whole pallets (24 pcs / pallet; 1,200 kg).

Colorful, snow-white and Carolith crushed materials (over 4 mm) are supplied in plastic bags weighing 25 kg (42 pcs / pallet; 1,050 kg). Delivery is also possible in individual pieces.


White– Teracotta8–1625 kg/bag
Blue-gray8–1625 kg/bag
Red4–825 kg/bag
Polaris8–1625 kg/bag
Carolith4–7; 7–1425 kg/bag
Carolith0–0,2; 0,2–0,5; 0,5–1; 2–2,5; 2,5–3; 3–450 kg/bag