Special modified mortar KLEBEMÖRTEL

Specially modified mortar for point and strip gluing of large-format flat concrete paving, pool edges and stair elements

KLEBEMÖRTEL application

When gluing large-format flat concrete paving, stair elements and pool edges (80 x 40 cm and larger) to a concrete foundation, there is a risk of internal tension inside the tile, which can lead to the formation of microcracks.

Internal stress arises from the non-uniform temperature distribution in the tile itself and in the substrate to which it is glued.

The solution to reduce the mentioned risk is spot gluing of paving and gluing to strips in the case of pool edges and stair elements.

For these purposes, we have developed a special adhesive mortar, Klebemörtel, which enables a very simple method of point and strip gluing and at the same time is able to eliminate the unevenness of the underlying concrete up to +/- 1 cm.

The thicker consistency of the Klebemörtel adhesive mortar holds its shape and, thanks to this property, it is easy to correct the placement of the tile and its slope. With the help of a rubber mallet, it is possible to press down the layer of mortar by 0.5 cm.

Modified mortar KLEBEMÖRTEL


Modified mortar for point and strip gluing of large-format tiles, pool edges and stair elements.