Step tiles

Our step tiles are produced with the same design as our terrazzo and surface tiles. Treads and risers are made of tiles; dimensions can be customised according to the customer’s specific requirements.
Information on the production of stairs

Tread and riser design

Stair elements made of cut tiles with a smooth surface are suitable for tiling stairs in interiors. Stair elements made of tiles with blasted and finely blasted (embossed paving) surface are suitable for exteriors and interiors.

A wide range of patterns gives the customer the option to choose a solution of steps in the same design, or a contrasting solution, which combines dark and light patterns.

Stair I.

Treads from the paver Granex® with a rounded front edge

Stair II.

Treads from the paver Granex® with a rounded front and side edge – corner stair


With treads, the nosing edge exhibits the difference in the structure and color of the surface.

Úprava rozměrů schodových prvků dle přání zákazníka

The cutting phase - standard procedure
The stair elements dimensions are based on the tile dimensions from which they are made. Dimensions can be adjusted (shortened) using machine saws at the customer’s request. When shortening the stair element by cutting off the sides, the cutting phase begins. Attention: It’s necessary to take note that the cut edge shows a difference in the structure and in the surface colour.
The preservation phase - at the customer's request

Customisation of stair elements while maintaining the phase on the opposite edge of the stair element.

At the customer’s request, it’s possible to shorten the stair element in a special way so that the side edge of the tile with phase is preserved on the opposite side. Our sales representatives will be happy to help you with a detailed solution or ambiguities.