The pots are made, based on an order, from the Granex® XL tiling. The bottom plate has a hole for draining excess water. After the assembly, it is necessary to seal the inner walls of the flowerpot using frost-resistant and water-resistant silicone sealant to prevent water flowing through and dirtying the pot and tiling. Similarly, it is recommended to place under the flowerpot an appropriate dish (tray) to capture the water from the bottom hole.

Flowerpots are available, in addition to EURO pallets, on single-use pallets.

FlowerpotDimensions (L x W x H) in mmWeight of bigest piece in kgOveral weight in kg Design
Size1400 x 395 x 60016,370Designs of tiles Granex® XL
Size 2660 x 395 x 50016,575Designs of tiles Granex® XL
Size 3860 x 395 x 50023100Designs of tiles Granex® XXL

Installation of flower pots