Granex® XL | 600 x 400 mm

Light, thin and yet a firm unique single-layer tile of a new generation. Made with modern technology according to unique compositions.
Non-slip surface finish
Frost resistance
High strength
Minimum water absorption
Abrasion resistance
Dimensional accuracy
Environmental compliance

It is manufactured in a design:

Advantages of Granex® XL tiles

  • completely unique, thin, light single-layer tile (the only manufacturer in the Czech Republic)
  • made exclusively of high-quality materials that guarantee high durability and strength
  • great for exterior as well as interior, new areas and renovations
  • it can be laid in concrete, putty, crushed stones, targets, glued to stairs or on old tiling
  • industrially impregnated by the manufacturer = easy maintenance

Technical information

ProductSurfaceDimensions (mm)ks/m2 m2/palettkg/m2
GRANEX® XL stone relief / slate relief / wood relieffinely blasted, impregnated (non-slip surface)600 x 400 x 274,1712,9665,80
GRANEX® XL blastedground, then blasted, impregnated (non-slip surface)600 x 400 x 274,1713,4466,70
GRANEX® XL groundsmooth surface600 x 400 x 274,1713,4466,70

It is manufactured in a design:

Granex® XL tile patterns

Ground  |  600 x 400 x 27 mm  |  smooth surface

Gallery of realizations

System TopTeramo

Thanks to a unique system, your terrace will be harmonised to the smallest detail. Tiling, stair elements, wall tiling strips and flower pots, all in one colour and with the same surface.

Granex® use

Thanks to a wide range of patterns and various surface finishes, Granex® tiles can be used for exteriors as well as interiors. The beauty, lightness and quality of Granex® tiles stand out in the vicinity of family houses, housing estates or city centres, industry, entertainment and sports.

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